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Knowing whether you can repair or should replace your roof can be tricky. While you should certainly have a professional examine your roof regardless, Whether you’ve experienced severe damage from a hailstorm or your roof is just old. For homes and businesses alike, every roof has a lifespan; and while you can prolong this cycle with regular, quality maintenance and repair services, there comes a point in time when the cost of repairs may outweigh the cost of replacement.


There’s a good reason why asphalt shingle is the most widely used roofing material on the market — and it’s not going out of style anytime soon.

Strong enough to last over two decades, asphalt shingle is crafted from resilient fibreglass, covered in tough mineral granules, and engineered to be both lightweight and functional. In addition to its traditionally clean look and practicality, perhaps what makes asphalt shingle most popular is how incredibly affordable it is, even for the tightest of homeowner budgets.

Capable of taking any home exterior to the next level, three-dimensional roofing shingles are refreshingly modern and rich in detail. But it isn’t just their aesthetic appeal that drives so many homeowners to upgrade. Dimensional shingles are dual-layered, which means longer-lasting, better protection and enhanced warranty.
One of the best preventative measures you can take to protect your home from harsh weather, we offer ice and water shield installation in the valleys of your roof and around the perimeter. This adhesive, rubbery coating is made from tough asphalt and applied directly underneath the shingles to prevent precipitation from ever reaching the roof deck.


It can be difficult to determine whether your roof will be fine after another repair or if you should opt for a complete replacement. So how do you know if you can repair your roof or if you should replace it?